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Introducing Real Estate 2.0

Reavia goes into stealth mode


We are launching a teaser site for our new service called reavia. It will launch in the summer, and will roll-out a number of firsts for the real estate industry. We are really excited about it. Check out the teaser at

We would love to have your feedback on the site and the concept, so please feel free to add to the forum or comment on the blog.

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The Dragon stuff starts to come to life…

We are working on the development of a new real portfolio automation service for OpenEra at the moment. The new service is going to really improve the way works gets done in the UK property industry (or thats what I believe) and I think that the focus on the needs of the surveyor, rather than the accountants will create something really special. Our programmer has just set up the environment and started with the basic structures, and already the thing is coming to life….I especially like the RSS stuff….it is amazing that it just works!

More on this as it upfolds…I’ll keep you posted….

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Completed the OpenEra Website

I finally completed the website for OpenEra Systems. This has been a long project, but now I feel it has been worthwhile. For a start, I now have better understanding of how to publish and maintain a site, use RSS feeds and get the analytics stuff working with Google Analytics. I used Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 Beta 2 to do the work, as I also need to update our Sharepoint environment. It has it’s quirks (to be expected from a BETA release I suppose), but I like how easy to use it was.

Check out the site for yourself at

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