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Changing my role

I have just accepted a new role inside TietoEnator as part of a small team tasked with building growth and profitability strategies at a group level. This is a great opportunity to see and understand the wider workings of the company and I really excited about the year ahead.

One of the first things I discovered was the important “z-axis” for profitability strategies. I now know that there are three dimensions for a global enterprise seeking profit improvement. The x-axis is EBIT level – this is the absolute return from the business. The y-axis is the growth level – this is the pace, speed and energy of the business that helps it to be future-proofed. The elusive z-axis is interesting though – sort of the glue that keeps x and y moving in the right direction – and today it is global sourcing for a global company.

Global sourcing drives more than just cost level improvements. I believed it creates the creative friction that is needed to stimulate organic growth, and drives profitability not through cost reduction, but through speed, efficiency and enthusiam.

So the full colour picture for the modern global business is really made of RGB – offshore Resourcing, organic Growth and increasing the Bottom-line. If you can focus on the full colour picture, the future for your business will be more vibrant, more interesting and ultimately more rewarding for all that are involved. Why watch the world in the black and white, when you can have full colour with RGB?

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Creating prototypes

I have just been discussing with some potential developers the creation of a prototype service based on Wisdom of Crowd theories. I have a really clear vision of what the service will do, so it will be an interesting exercise to find out whether these guys can build the thing I want and whether it will work. I guess it is a bit of an experiment, like any new business venture…but I have a very good feeling about this one.

I find out on Friday whether they want to take the brief, so here’s hoping. They seemed like good guys, and I am a believer in first impressions.

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Second Life Imitates Art

This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. I thought the concept of a virtual journalist was pretty amazing (someone making a living by reporting things that go on in Second Life), but this is really strange.

Virtual U2 perform a rock concert in Second Life. Not so many people there, but I guess once the word gets out they will be teleporting in from all over the Second Life world to hear them. Check this out.

U2 in SL – A Virtual Band in Second Life

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