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Tarja and MeI am Mark Sorsa-Leslie. I was born and brought up in Aberdeen, Scotland and now live near Helsinki in Finland. I am married to Tarja and we have three dogs (two afghans and a greyhound).

I left Northfield Academy in 1989 and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1995. I have always been interested in how technology can improve the way work gets done, especially in the real estate industry. I completed an MBA from Middlesex University in 1999 and started working for TietoEnator in Finland in 2005.

I have co-founded two companies (www.openera.co.uk and www.remedios.uk.com), both of which thrive. I am no longer involved in Remedios, and have learned some valuable lessons about how to build companies, maintain relationships and understanding who you can trust. This has helped both as an owner and an employee.

We moved to Finland in January 2005 from New Deer in Scotland. We enjoy the life here, with home in the forest, our summer cottage near the lake and long hot summers. OK, I know the winters are long, but I also like snow, so it works for me.

As far as interests go I am not going to lie. I play the drums occassionally, but mostly spend my time with my wife at home. I am learning Finnish (or have been for a while) and it is getting better.

Proudest moment of my life so far was marrying Tarja…closely followed by Tarja graduating with a Doctorate in Cell and Microbiology from University of Aberdeen.

Favourite Books:  HHGTTU Trilogy, Simplicity, Wisdom of Crowds
Favourite Films:   Blade Runner, Fargo, Fifth Element (or anything by Luc Besson)
Favourite Music:   Celtic Rock (U2, Simple Minds, The Editors, Snow Patrol, Keane)


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