Kicking off a Business Signals Session

So today I presented to an audience of IT professionals on the use of Business Signals to develop organisational priorities and strategies. It is based on the Wisdom of Crowds and is offered using a unique web-based tool that collects, categorises and reports the results. The reason that this is so interesting is that the group have just been formed from three smaller groups and are just starting an integration process. Basically it is perfect timing.

I love this approach to developing strategy, because it allows the organisation to voice not just the words, but also the feelings it has. It can be tremendously enlightening to read how frustrated or how happy someone is. It changes the way you process the information they are sharing. The best thing about it, though, is the speed with which you can learn exactly what you need to improve or target….and from experience gained doing these studies, the results are always right.

So, I think I will keep reporting this one as it progresses. It will run for just 28 days from start to end, with all of the emerging issues available in less than 5 days. Not bad when you think that most companies spend months trying to discover what their strategy should be. Stay tuned for more signals.

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