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Beautiful things bots. I have a feeling that these little critters are about to become the most important things to happen to computing since the introduction of the WWW. More later…

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Z-Axis Thinking

I was flying on a business trip my colleague, Jussi, and during the flight we started talking about what was the most valuable part of the job we do. We both thought that it was something related to being able to connect the dots, see the links, make the connections, identify the network relationships, join things up. We talked about this further, reflecting on our businesses way of looking at things (horizontally or vertically, x-axis or y-axis) and realised that what we did was the z-axis thinking…the bit that adds the extra dimension that connects the other two to provide a more complete picture.

This got me thinking further about whether z-axis thinking is a real thing…I started to think about examples of when the 3rd dimension adds something special or completes the picture and the most obvious example struck me…TV…the old RGB thing…because true colour needs all three. Perhaps in the business world, true colour (or the ability to see the real world) requires z-axis thinking, and perhaps the value we add is helping the business to see in true colour.

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PSP as a Productivity Platform

As I said in my response to Om, I think that the world needs a simple way to enter text in a dual controller device like the PSP as a special move for each letter. I admit I tried to document this in the past, but only on paper. Surely there is someone out there that can create a little app to let me model each letter by pressing a combination of the buttons on the controller…there are millions of possible combinations, so modelling the alphabet would not be a problem. I would really like a fast way to enter text using a PSP controller…lets see if it can be done.

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